An Afternoon with Horses (Polo Game)

3 May

horse polo statue buenos aires

I’ve been wanting to go to a polo match ever since I saw that there were fields here in Buenos Aires. Our recent move into the life of luxory brought us just blocks away from the two fields in Palermo. So, one afternoon in March at the suggestion of our friends, we got together for a little free polo action.

Before the action started, I was taking pictures of the horses from outside the fence on the sidewalk.  One of the guys brushing and braiding their tails called over to me and told me to come in for a closer look. I couldn’t believe that just feet from one of the busiest avenues in Buenos Aires I was standing even closer to 30-plus horses ready to chase a ball around. They didn’t look as excited about it as I was.

polo horse buenos aires

polo horse buenos aires

polo feild stadium buenos aires

polo field stadium palermo buenos aires

That’s our new neighborhood, Las Cañitas.

polo field buenos aires palermo

polo match buenos aires field horses

polo match buenos aires field horses

It was pretty funny as we tried to learn the rules by watching the game. I was trying to cheer for the black team, but got confused when the blue team was scoring on their goal. Apparently, after every point scored, they switch directions!

Even though it took us a while to figure out the basics of the game, watching the horses sprint across the field, stop on a dime, and bump one another entertained us plenty.

polo field bueno aires

horse polo statue buenos aires

If you’re in Buenos Aires during the summer and fall (Dec – May) there are many games at the fields in Palermo (Campo Argentino de Polo). Many of them are free and it’s a wonderful outing for families in a relaxing setting. Here’s a Spanish search results page of “Palermo” on the official polo site that is helpful in finding about games and tournaments.

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  1. Emily May 22, 2012 at 5:58 pm #

    Sweet, I’ve been wanting to go as well, but haven’t found a big enough hat to wear… :P (

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