Bye, Bye Bayla

11 Oct

Meet Bayla.

She entered my life nine years ago when I lived in Tennessee. We’ve traveled long distances together having lived in Tennessee, Dallas, Houston, and Los Angeles. Sadly, she won’t be making the trek to Buenos Aires with us. There are too many logistics involved to make it all worthwhile.

Bayla's adoptive owners, Ryan and Emily

Thankfully, we don’t have to give her up completely. Maggie’s sister, Emily, and her husband, Ryan, have graciously decided to take her in while we are away.

Bayla will certainly enjoy this phase of her life. She’s getting an upgrade in so many ways! Check out her new pad.

Bayla's new home.

Bayla in her new backyard.

Bayla watching for squirrels.

The only troubling aspect of this set up is that Emily is already trying to convert Bayla into an OSU Buckeye fan. I guess comprises often have to be made.

Bayla being abused. :)

Before we said good-bye, Maggie and I took Bayla on a long walk down the street to the coffee shop.

We did all the things we’ve been doing for the past nine years.

We walked.

Last walk with Bayla in a long time.

We sat.

Bayla and Stephen chillin' at the coffee shop.

And Bayla pooped. She still hasn’t learned any manners.

Bayla being rude.

Bye, bye, Bayla! We love you and we’ll miss you. Oh, and we’ll expect some Skype calls from time to time.

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