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The First Apartment in Buenos Aires: A Familiar One

9 Jul

When I traveled down to Buenos Aires back in 2006, I rented a studio apartment for $250 per month. That same studio apartment is available when Maggie and I arrive in October, so we’ll be renting it for at least the first 6 weeks we are in BA. Inflation has been really high over the past several years, so we’ll be paying $400 for a month.

Here are several pictures of what it looked like then. We are really hoping it isn’t red anymore! Either way, we’ll take it for the 6 weeks.

Looking up to the entrance from the outside stairs.

The owner, Graciela, thought it would be good to pose for future advertising of the room, but this photo fails in so many ways. It's the only one I have to show what this side of the room looks like.

The kitchenette.

The sliding glass door is the only entrance and window. The wood floors are nice.

It's got AC and a TV that didn't really work.

Smallest bathroom I've ever been in. It's a wet room really, meaning that there's no shower curtain. See my shampoo there?

The view.

This is the place we’ll call home for our first 6 weeks in Buenos Aires. I can’t imagine staying there beyond that. But, it will be hard to find something larger for the same price.

Click here to open a Google map of the apartment’s location.

The apartment isn’t located in the most hip or interesting of neighborhoods. It’s in a neighborhood called San Cristobal. If you zoom in on the map in satellite mode, you’ll see actual satellites on the roof of the TV station next door. They film some popular TV shows there.

If You Want to Save Money, Live in a Garage (of Awesomeness)

6 Jun

Most Angelenos cringe when they have to admit to family and friends who live outside of Los Angeles how much they pay in rent. Or at least, family and friends cringe on our behalf. Los Angeles housing is expensive.

Our first home was not cheap. Yet, we don’t regret living there, because for our priorities a year ago (a one bedroom place with a yard and dog door in the Silverlake neighborhood of LA) it was a really good deal and a perfect start for us. We even talked the landlord down $350 per month at signing.

When we made the decision to move to Buenos Aires, we knew we would need to move out as soon as the lease was up. We need as much financial cushion as possible until Maggie lands a decent job. So, this weekend we packed up and moved out of our home in Silverlake for cheaper rent as sub-tenants in Pasadena at the “Garage of Awesomeness.”

Living in the Garage of Awesomeness is saving us a good chunk of change. And yes, for a garage apartment the rent is still a bit outrageous to non-Angelenos.

BEFORE: $1650/month – One bedroom, stand-alone house in Silverlake
Add onto that normal utilities and internet and we were paying close to $1900 in basic home costs.

NOW: $775/month – studio Garage of Awesomeness
All bills are included, even cable TV, which we haven’t had before!

We’re saving an extra $900 or more per month for the next three months! That should afford us close to 6 months of rent in Buenos Aires if all goes to plan.