Before We Age

Arriving in March!


Charles Matias (“Charlie Matu”) Callender

This Christmas season, we are counting our blessings, and anticipating saying “hola!” to this little guy definitely tops the list.

After our initial dazed and giddy shock of finding out we were expecting, we were surprised a second time to find out it was going to be a boy. As soon as people learned I was pregnant, everyone – family members, people I work with, a hair dresser who claims a perfect track record, even random people in my apartment building – predicted I was having a girl.

So, we had to rethink names. We immediately liked the sound of Charlie, and we knew we wanted his name to represent the beginning of his story in this world. Charlie will be born in Argentina in mid-March and will have duel citizenship here and in the United States (our Argentino anchor baby). The name Matias (Mah-TEE-ahs – soft s) is popular in Argentina, rolls off the tongue nicely with Charlie, and we like it.

Spring in Buenos Aires may be the most beautiful time of year here as the periwinkle jacaranda trees are in full bloom. Recently, we took advantage and set out with our super-talented and generous friend Emma Johnson to photocapture this exciting season for our growing family. These are me at 25 weeks.

Emma’s good!