Before We Age

A Language that Pays the Bills


While learning Spanish will cost us some money, I’ve found another language that will pay me: HTML.

Since August I’ve been busy coding web sites in HTML, CSS, jQuery and some PHP, the languages of the web. That’s my new gig. I’m a web developer. I sit in front of the computer most of the day listening to Ratatat running my new business, which I’m calling Shoe Shine Design & Development.

It’s nerve-wracking going from a steady paycheck to being a small-business owner hoping contracts keep coming in and clients pay on-time. Thankfully, work has been steady. I’ve landed 7 contracts already and one site is just a week or so away from going live.

Once I have enough completed sites to fill a decent portfolio, I’ll put up a web site of my own.

For now, just remember me whenever you ever need a web site, big or small, or know of someone who is looking. It’s for a good cause: Maggie’s meals.

My mother-in-law's basement has served as my office for the past 4 weeks.